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The Cage

Is an organisation commited

to Creating a new normal for

young people. By applying

market-based strategies.

The Cage

Graffiti Removal

provides opportunities and

referral pathways for young

people to participate in ongoing

social enterprise and life skills

development to achieve a social

purpose for the benefit of the

community at large.

Healthy Future Generations

Healthy Choices

Healthy Minds

Healthy Bodies

Cage Gen Fit/ Gen Cook/ Gen Dance


The Cage Youth Foundation is about Making a Difference in the lives of our young people and to encourage them to become change agents in their own lives by providing them with the support to achieve these changes.

Young people are an important part of the City of Redlands community, with 12-25 year olds making up 18.3% of the City's population (2006 Census), it was recognized how easily influenced our young people are in experiencing the transition phase of their lives. It was recognized the growing amount of pressure that our young people are facing with health as a leading concern.

Upon discussions with our local youth, their families and health service providers, we have undertaken a series of programs that are being held free of charge for our Young People at our Cage Youth Space in Dollery Rd at Capalaba. some of these initiatives have only been recently introduced since the opening of our Space in June 2010 but the practices of providing healthy alternatives have been part of the structure of The Cage since its conception in 2001 Cage Gen Fit, Cage Gen Cook to promote healthy alternatives.

The launching of a 3 month challenge among of youth workers and volunteers was the pilot for our overall Gen Health programs, it was based on increasing physical activity, maintaining a healthy appropriate weight, and making healthier food choices. Upon its ongoing success we looked at ways to introduce this to our local young people, noting that the majority of young people we engage with are disadvantaged and disengaged, so we looked to provide easy accessible, low to no costs tangible activities that can be done with youth to facilitate access to interpersonal relationships and resources.

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